Best iLottery sites USA: Where to play online?

Check out the top iLottery sites in the USA right here.

A selection of the best iLottery sites

If you’ve been looking for the top iLottery sites in the USA, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve looked through a whole bunch of them in 2020, and with the ever-changing laws surrounding betting in the USA, new ones are constantly coming to market.

For now, however, take a look at the top sites below:

You will notice that the top iLottery sites here are designated by state, which is just one of several factors determining what the best play lottery online sites are. We’ve looked into this in much greater detail below, so please check it out.

PA iLottery online 

The Pennsylvania iLottery platform is just the first of five that we will look at in this article. As a matter of fact, for Pennsylvania based gamers, this is the one and only platform that they can access, as this is the only site statewide that has been approved. It's not that playing games at an online lottery site is something new in Pennsylvania, it's just that there is more of a monopoly in this state than others. This is something you will notice that remains quite consistent in the ongoing sites that we will discuss.

This specific site has been divided up into multiple different sections, including draw games, instant games, and of course, the ability to buy lottery tickets online. You won’t find any casino-style games on this site, and the closest thing that you will get to casino gaming is scratchcard style games. Within the various categories available, we’d have to say that our favorite titles on this site are the all-new James Bond game, Clover Cash, Jungle Tumble, and the enormous Mega Millions Jackpot.

Michigan iLottery online 

Michigan lottery logo

The Michigan iLottery site has a grand total of 230 games that you can play, which is staggeringly high for an online lottery site. Much like the Pennsylvania iLottery site described above, the Michigan iLottery site has been divided up into several different sections. There is actually a greater number of gaming sections on this site than what you find with others. There are sections for instant games, draw games, fast cash, Keno, pull tab, second chance, and the main lotteries.

There is even a welcome bonus on this site for all those that haven't registered before. At the time of writing, the welcome bonus gives you a shot at multiple free games as well as up to $100 in free cash. That isn't bad at all for an online lottery site, and gamers all over Michigan have been enjoying his bonus for months already. There are also multiple reload offers for when you’ve created an account with Michigan lottery, with one of the best ones being the daily wheel spin.

This in itself gives you a chance at extra prizes without spending a cent, which is something that everybody enjoys. Just like the Pennsylvania iLottery site, however, you must be based in Michigan if you want to use this site.

Kentucky iLottery online 

From Michigan, we are now moving to Kentucky, where there is another play lottery online site open to residents of this state. The welcome bonus is even higher on this site as it happens, as you can get a 25% match on your first deposit of up to $125. To get the full amount you would need to go ahead and deposit $500 for your 1st deposit, but then at least you'll get $125 absolutely free.

The gaming sections that are supported on this site include scratch cards, draw names, instants, major lotteries, and even several jackpot instant games. Right now there are many that are full of action including the likes of Money Strikes, Celtic Clouds, Star Match, and Champion Raceway. These are all instant games where the lowest jackpot right is $120,000. Believe us, there is a much better chance of winning something in these games vs the major lotteries, although even still, the chances are low.

That’s what makes lottery games so fun though, for there is always that small chance that you could be the one!

Georgia iLottery online 

From some of the more recent lottery sites to one of the oldest now, we have the Georgia online lottery platform. This was actually first established back in 2012, and you can even enjoy the Georgia lottery site from quite a professional mobile app as well. There are some more unique gaming sections of this site compared to some of the others, with categories like draw games, Diggi games, scratchcards, second-chance games, Keno, and several others.

This definitely shows that the Georgia lottery site is full of variety, which is probably a reason that they have been in business for several years already. This platform even has its own loyalty program as well, which is referred to as the Players Club. Here you can enjoy many additional bonuses that are given at random, and you can enjoy other benefits too such as quicker withdrawals and a dedicated account manager.

From what we’ve seen it is completely free to sign up to the Players Club, and the more you play the more rewards that you can get. It really is as simple as that, which makes the Georgia lottery site rank quite highly among this list.

Illinois iLottery online 

Last but not least, we have the Illinois online lottery site. Just like the Georgia lottery site before it, the Illinois lottery site has been in the game now since 2012. It was first established to provide a quick tool for people to play major lottery games without having to go to the store to purchase a ticket. However, the offerings from the early days have been rapidly expanded, and now there are multiple games that can be enjoyed from this platform.

First of all, you can buy lottery tickets online here for major lotteries like Mega Millions and Powerball, where the jackpots are occasionally into the hundreds of millions. There is also an Illinois lottery mobile app that you can download for Android and iOS, making the entire online gaming experience even more accessible. There are a handful of instant games and scratch cards available on this site too, although overall, the range of games that you can play is less than some of the other sites on this list.

The factors that determine the best iLottery sites

Here we are getting to the fun part, for it is important to know exactly what to look for when selecting the best iLottery site. There are several factors that we typically run through when sorting through some of the best in the market, which are described for you in detail right here.

Welcome Offer

As is the case with any reputable lottery site, it's great to hit the ground running in the form of a solid welcome offer. You may have noticed in the list earlier – not all of the online lottery platforms in the USA have a welcome offer. Therefore when you find one that does, and especially if it gives you a relatively higher reward, this is one of the immediate signs of a great online lottery platform.

Mobile App Availability

The convenience factor is one of the things that has made online lottery gaming so popular in recent years. In this respect, we are referring to the fact that these sites have now gone online, but the best have taken it a step further. Many have developed quite a professional and easy-to-use mobile app in 2020, and several of them are available for download completely free of charge for Android and iOS devices.

Selection of Games

Although online lottery platforms initially started out as a way to connect players with major lottery draws, the gaming libraries have since expanded. Nowadays as you can see, there are sometimes hundreds of different games available on a site. This gives you, as the end gamer, plenty of variety, and it should help to keep things interesting on the site for a longer period of time.

Reload Promotions

While it is all well and good to hit the ground running with a very rewarding welcome offer, it is even better when a site continually rewards you for your loyalty. This is what is commonly referred to as reload promotions, and when sorting the best sites, this is one of the primary factors to consider. If you are repeatedly offered promotions just for being a member of the site, we believe that this is a sign that the site truly does deliver value to their customers.

Customer Service

Our fifth and final factor to look for when selecting the best lottery site is how good the customer service team is. Unfortunately with online gaming, things can and will go wrong from time to time, and when they do, you need to have someone that you can contact in order to deal with the problem. Whether this is a technical problem or some other issue, you need to be able to reach out to a support agent to get your issues resolved quickly.

How to open an account and begin online gaming

To start enjoying the sites that we've talked about in this article or any other online lottery site for that matter, you need to open an account to get started. The process of doing so is much easier than you may think, and we have broken down the necessary steps in the section right here.

Visit the homepage of the site

This may seem obvious, but this is the very first step that you must complete before starting the registration process. This step could occasionally be substituted for downloading the mobile app where one is available, as you can often sign up from both platforms.

Click join now to start the registration

Whether you downloaded the mobile app or visited the home page of a site, you must then click join now to begin the registration process. Usually, once you click this button you will be taken straight to a form where you can start filling out your details, which we will talk about in the next step.

Provide all requested details

When you are opening your account it is fairly standard for any online site to request some specific details from you. Some of these details include your date of birth, full name, residence address, as well as some contact details. This is all just to confirm that you meet the legal requirements to participate in online lottery gaming.

Officially open the account and start gaming

The final step in any process is to officially open the account after providing all of the necessary details. If you want to take things a step further, you can also try to verify the information you have given by sending through the necessary documents.


Where can I see if a site has a welcome offer?

This is often displayed on the home page of a site, or if it isn't, there will usually be a section titled ‘promotions’ where you can see what is available.

How do I know that there is a mobile app?

If a site does have a mobile app that you can download, this will also be shown on the homepage as an Android or Apple icon.

What is the legal age to play on iLottery sites?

Some other sites that we have listed in this piece have a legal gaming age as low as 18, but we highly recommend checking out the laws in your respective states to confirm.

Are these sites secure and trustworthy?

The sites that we have described here have been approved by the government of each state, which essentially guarantees that they are legal and trustworthy.

Do I sometimes need to download software to play?

You won't be asked to download any external software at all with these sites. These days, everything has been built using modern code whereby the need to download additional software has almost been eradicated.

Conclusion – the best ilottery site from our list

So for the ilottery site that we consider better than the rest, we’d have to go for the Michigan ilottery site. With more than 200 games available from the site and mainstream lottery jackpots that run into the hundreds of millions, they deserve the title. They also have an appealing welcome bonus, which ticks all the boxes for us when it comes to the best site.