New Jersey Online Poker Sites in 2020

Looking for the best online poker sites in New Jersey? You’ve come to the right place.

Check out some of the top poker sites in New Jersey

Online poker is one of the most thrilling forms of online gaming. You are competing among hundreds if not thousands of other players, and you are testing your nerve and wit the entire time. Before you even start to experience the thrill of online play, however, you need a reliable site to play at.

Check out our list of the best poker sites in New Jersey below:

  • Borgata
  • Caesars
  • BetMGM

As you can see, this is a relatively small list, but that narrows down the choice that you must ultimately make to enjoy online poker play in New Jersey. Now, without further ado, let’s look into each of these sites in greater detail.



Borgata is one of the most extensive online casino sites in New Jersey right now, so it was almost expected that they would have a reasonable poker product as well. You can navigate to the poker section directly from the home page, and here it becomes apparent that there are plenty of tournaments for people to participate in. You are actually required to download some software to play poker with Borgata, for the file is relatively small and won't consume all the space you have on your desktop.

Once you finally open up the poker product here, you'll find Texas Hold’em tournaments, daily jackpots, Mega Tuesdays, $35K Sundays, and much more. If you are brand new to the world of online poker, Borgata also has you covered. They actually have something that is called a poker school on the platform, whereby there is video training that teaches beginners how to participate in this game.

With tables that are open 24/7 and blinds as low as just a few cents, we would consider Borgata to be a very user-friendly platform.



Poker is available at Caesars online casino, although you will actually be taken to a different site if you want to play tournaments. Caesars Casino is actually partnered with the World Series of Poker platform, which we have looked at in the very next section. On that platform, there are a ton of tournaments on the go, with varying forms of poker, and some exclusive rewards. However, for now, it's important to understand what forms of poker you can participate in with Caesars online casino.

In terms of playing poker directly from the Caesars site, you will have your choice of a selection of video poker games. There are actually a total of 15 video poker games that you can choose from right now, with some of the more popular games including Jacks or Better, Destiny Poker, Deuces Wild, and Double Double Bonus Poker. This doesn't quite give you the thrill of competing against other players in a tournament, but video poker does keep things relaxed, and there is still the potential for those larger payouts.


If you ever wanted to get serious about your online poker experience, this would be the site for you. The World Series of Poker New Jersey platform is one of the most professional of them all, and it also has the greatest number of players participating. As some of you may know, the World Series of Poker is the main brand supporting poker in the USA. They facilitate several high-profile tournaments all around the nation and attract full-time, professional poker players.

As a matter of fact, the World Series of Poker site has been doing this successfully since 2013, when the platform was first established. Since then the site has gone from strength to strength, and they actually pride themselves on having the ‘greatest selection of real money online poker games in New Jersey’.

With six-figure jackpots available for many of their tournaments, and promotions like deposit matches on the go, the World Series of Poker site is definitely one of the premier sites in New Jersey right now.



BetMGM is a hugely popular online casino site open to residents of New Jersey. With the power of the Vegas-based casino standing behind them, BetMGM is a site that provides quality and variety.

Like the other sites in this list, you’ll need to download some software to get things going, but that is just a one-click installation process. It shouldn’t take up too much space on your respective device, and following the successful installation of this software, a world of poker opportunities will become open for you.

There isn’t a specific welcome offer to play poker on the BetMGM site, but there is a solid rewards program. This is free to sign up for, and you can then get deposit matches, free entry tickets, and other ongoing promotions. To top things off, there is a daily $10,000 jackpot tournament and a total of more than 70 tournaments taking place each and every day.

We would say that this is a particularly vibrant environment, and BetMGM deserves its place on this list.

What to look for in the top online poker sites

generic pokerNow that you know what the top poker sites in New Jersey are, you might also want to know exactly how to determine the best sites for yourself. For this exact reason, we’ve put together an overview of what to look for in a poker site, and how these factors will benefit you as the end customer. Check them all out right here:

Size of software download

As you may have noticed already, you will often need to download some sort of software to participate in online poker tournaments. Some of the online casinos you will see have their own proprietary software, but it's always good to check out the size of the file first. If you download poker software that is enormous in size, it could well slow up your computer and make your overall experience suffer as a result.

Promotions in general

As a member of any online betting site, regardless of if you are using it for poker specific reasons or not, it is beneficial to use a site with plenty of promotions. This is just a way for the site to show that they actually appreciate your custom, and it gives you more opportunities to enjoy the site without constantly investing your own money. Any respectable poker site should have some form of ongoing promotions or a solid welcome offer, and if they don’t – look for another one!

Friendliness of buy-in requirements

When you enter a poker tournament you will be required to buy-in with a certain amount of money. This is a fairly standard process, but it is more user-friendly when you can buy in for tournaments with a lesser sum of money. For example, if a site had a standard buy-in for $5 and another site had a standard buy-in of $25, you could enjoy five tournaments on the first site for the price of just one on the second site.

Payment options

This is a feature that often gets overlooked when considering the best poker sites. Basically, you want to ensure that a site supports multiple different payment options, as there is no one-size-fits-all option that will appeal to everybody. With that in mind, you can't guarantee that any site will support your individual preferred payment method either, so it's always beneficial to look for a site that supports plenty of different ones.

Size of prizes

This is by no means a selfish demand, as it is the size of the jackpots and other prizes that attract so many players in the first place. If we're being honest, players will always seek out those tournaments where the potential jackpot is the highest. This adds a certain degree of excitement and anticipation to every poker tournament, and it is worthwhile looking at those sites that potentially payout the most.

How to register and start playing at the best online poker sites

poker online

No matter the site that you ultimately decide you want to start playing on, you will still need to open up an account to begin participating in poker events. There is no getting around this and no option to play as a guest on any site. So with that being said, here are the steps that you must follow if you want to start participating in online poker tournaments:

Start the registration process

To begin the registration process you must visit the homepage of your chosen site first of all. There will then be a button that could show up as ‘join now’ or ‘register here’. You must click this button to get things started.

Enter the details requested

The exact details requested from each individual site will vary, but there are a few standard bits of information you will be required to give. You will be asked for your name, date of birth, address, and you will be required to give contact details like your email or phone number.

Enter the promo code if asked to do so

This only applies if there is a specific welcome offer up for grabs, as some sites will require that you provide a promo code in order to redeem the offer. Do note that you won’t always be asked to provide a promo code, and some welcome offers may not have a code at all. However, if you find that a site does, it is recommended that you enter the code.

Agree to terms and conditions and open your account

You will almost always be asked to check a box to certify that you agree to the terms and conditions of any site. It is usually just one box, and you will be asked to do so at the very end of the registration process.

Make your first deposit and start playing

Since these sites run real money poker tournaments, you will be required to place some real money in your account. In order to do this you must sign in after opening your account, and then make a deposit through any of the available payment methods.

FAQs regarding poker platforms

Why do I have to download software to play?

Since online poker tournaments usually require a lot of data and have a lot of features going on, sites have developed their own software to optimize your experience. This keeps the tournaments flowing, and maintains the enjoyment levels for their members.

What if I don’t know how to play poker, but I want to get started?

Then we have good news – some sites have something called a ‘poker school’, which is a series of video tutorials teaching you how to play. These are free to watch, and even if you’ve played poker before, they can be good to refresh the memory.

What are some of the common payment methods supported on these sites?

You will usually be offered methods such as PayPal, MasterCard/Visa, e-wallets like Neteller/Skrill, online bank transfers, and other methods too.

Where can I check if the site is legal?

If you navigate to the bottom of the page on any site, you can usually see details of their license to provide online betting services in New Jersey.

Can I check out what promotions each site has available?

Absolutely – you can head straight to the promotions section of a site to see the full list of bonuses and rewards that they currently have.

Conclusion – The Best Online Poker Site in NJ

When it comes to playing online poker in New Jersey, we feel that the World Series of Poker platform is far superior to the others. We believe this to be the case for the range of ongoing promotions, the popularity of the platform, the variety of tournaments, and the overall functionality of the site. It’s no wonder these guys are the most recognized and well-respected poker brand in the USA, and if you like playing online poker, this site has to be one of your priorities to check out.